Our Strategic Approach

Tailored Solutions, Amplified Results

Co-sourcing with TPR is not just about outsourcing tasks; it's about amplifying your capabilities. We understand that every facility is unique. That's why our co-sourcing approach is custom-tailored to align with your specific needs and goals.

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How will our services help you?

Key Benefits


Unleash Regulatory Mastery

Navigating the intricate maze of healthcare regulations demands expertise. With TPR as your co-sourcing partner, you gain access to our seasoned regulatory professionals. Their insights and guidance empower you to not only understand complex regulations but also implement them effectively.


Operational Efficiency, Expertly Managed

TPR's co-sourcing solutions extend beyond regulations. We seamlessly integrate with your operational processes, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Whether it's reimbursement department outsourcing, hospital staffing and department management, or comprehensive regulatory and reimbursement support – we're by your side.


Unparalleled Industry Experience

With TPR as your co-sourcing partner, you're tapping into a pool of industry experience. Our team comprises experts who have worked across diverse healthcare environments, bringing multifaceted insights that enrich your decision-making.

Solutions We Offer

We understand that operational challenges can hinder your facility's growth. Our strategic approach is designed to tackle these challenges head-on, enabling your healthcare system to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Healthcare Attorneys for Reimbursement Challenges

TPR can be your strategic partner in addressing reimbursement challenges with industry specific expertise. Our collaborations with leading healthcare attorneys creates a proven partnership that enables your facility to tackle complex reimbursement issues with confidence and success.

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Our Expertise Unveiled

General Regulatory and Reimbursement Support

Welcome to TPR, your destination for holistic regulatory and reimbursement guidance. Our expert solutions are designed to empower your facility with comprehensive support that covers both regulatory compliance and reimbursement optimization.

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Identifying Opportunities

TPR has the technical and regulatory expertise to turn vast amounts of data into meaningful insights that your health system can act on. Through various data mining techniques and technologies TPR finds data anomalies, patterns and correlations within large data sets to predict outcomes and to identify and capture new revenue opportunities for our clients.

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