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Comprehensive full-service guide

TPR uses a full-service approach and methodology to help clients assess opportunities for additional Medicare DSH revenue and compliance with current Medicare regulations.

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Key Benefits


Comprehensive Approach

TPR employs a comprehensive, full-service approach to guide clients through assessing opportunities for additional Medicare DSH revenue while ensuring strict adherence to current Medicare regulations. Our methodology is designed to channel the complexities of DSH and S-10 calculations into actionable advice, empowering you with accurate insights.

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Advanced Technology Integration

Leveraging advanced data processing and cutting-edge technologies, TPR can effectively navigate the intricacies of Medicare DSH & S-10. Our commitment lies in exploring and accurately capturing opportunities, ensuring that your facility maximizes its entitled reimbursements.


Experience Across the Spectrum

TPR's expertise spans the spectrum. Our blend of technical and regulatory expertise equips us tackle the challenges providers face across the country. Our experience encompasses DSH assessments across a wide range of hospitals, consistently yielding exceptional results. Our collective engagements have generated over $300 million in additional reimbursements for our esteemed clients.

Identifying Opportunities

TPR has the technical and regulatory expertise to turn vast amounts of data into meaningful insights that your health system can act on. Through various data mining techniques and technologies TPR finds data anomalies, patterns and correlations within large data sets to predict outcomes and to identify and capture new revenue opportunities for our clients.

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