Our Approach

Streamlining Medicare Reimbursements

TPR can help hospitals with their bad debt policies and procedures and can help your organization be compliant with the somewhat fluid interpretation of allowable Medicare bad debts by each MAC.

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How will our services help you?

Key Benefits


Policies and Compliance Expertise

Navigating the nuanced realm of Medicare bad debts demands precision. TPR is equipped to assist hospitals in refining their bad debt policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with the ever-evolving interpretation of allowable Medicare bad debts by various MACs (Medicare Administrative Contractors).


Mitigating Denials Strategically

Denials in Medicare bad debts can be averted with strategic planning. TPR guides healthcare organizations in reviewing their bad debt policies, aligning them with the comprehensive regulations outlined in the Medicare Provider Reimbursement Manual (PRM). This meticulous approach ensures compliance and mitigates potential denials.


Innovative Methodology for Identification

TPR brings innovation to the table with our comprehensive methodology and inventive data queries. Our approach aids hospitals in seamlessly identifying, automating, and documenting Medicare-eligible bad debts. By leveraging our expertise, you can streamline your processes and secure the reimbursements you deserve.

Identifying Opportunities

TPR has the technical and regulatory expertise to turn vast amounts of data into meaningful insights that your health system can act on. Through various data mining techniques and technologies TPR finds data anomalies, patterns and correlations within large data sets to predict outcomes and to identify and capture new revenue opportunities for our clients.

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